Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Barbara Cubin: less than a gem

An election-frenzy surprise: Republican Barbara Cubin, the six-term Representative from Wyoming, is in trouble. The most recent poll shows her Democratic challenger, Gary Trauner, within the margin of error (44 to 40 points, if I recall correctly).

The GOP is providing major cash for her re-election, unusual in such a red state.

What's the problem with Cubin?

Well, maybe it's the racial slur she uttered on the House floor in 2003. Maybe it's the ties to Jack Abramoff (though these seem weak) and Tom Delay.

Maybe it's the comment she made to her opponent from the Libertarian party after a recent debate: "if you weren't in that chair, I'd slap you." (the Libertarian opponent happens to have multiple sclerosis and be in a wheelchair)

These embarrasments are described by wikipedia.

Maybe it's her lack of political presence and performance, despite a decade in the House.

Beyond that, her probable intimacy with mining/extraction call into question her ability to fairly represent the people of Wyoming.

The fact that she seems to lack decency and common sense probably doesn't help.

According To Michele Bachmann All Muslims Are Going To Hell & The Pope Is The Antichrist Vol. 2

So the Star Tribune finally picked up the story of Michele Bachmann’s synod’s view that the Pope is the Antichrist and last night on the 6 o’clock news WCCO ran a story about it (though I can’t find a link to the video).

Here is what Catholics United For The Common Good had to say about Bachmann.

Its about time this gets some attention and since it is exactly one week before the election it couldn’t have come a moment to soon.

See also: According To Michele Bachmann All Muslims Are Going To Hell & The Pope Is The Antichrist

Monday, October 30, 2006

Look What We Started

Some of you may remember a recent post of mine entitled According To Michele Bachmann All Muslims Are Going To Hell & The Pope Is The Antichrist, where I brought up the questions of whether or not Michele Bachmann believes that the Pope is the Antichrist since the synod she belongs to holds that belief.

Well I was perusing WCCO’s website recently and found this video where the issue has finally been raised. Hopefully this becomes a major campaign issue over the next week considering that 30% of voters in the 6th district are Catholic.

Furthermore if our little blog ends up having anything to do with Michele Bachmann not getting elected I think the country owes us a debt of gratitude, and by gratitude I mean six packs of beer…I personally enjoy Summit.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Starbucks…You Bastards

So there was an interesting article in The Guardian today concerning Ethiopia’s attempt to copyright certain styles of coffee that are indigenous and specific to the coffee growers of Ethiopia. Basically if Ethiopia is allowed to copyright three types of coffee they could increase the market value of Ethiopian coffee that is exported from the country by 25% or an extra $88.8 million yearly (I converted the figure into American dollars). This is a giant increase considering Ethiopia is one of the most impoverished countries in the world.

So I and most other people would see this as a very positive thing, a way that a struggling African economy can improve the living conditions of its citizens without any additional international aid or debt relief that is so long as you are not Starbucks.

Starbucks is working hard to ensure that all of these copyright applications are denied. But keep in mind that so far this year Starbucks has enjoyed a 22% rise in annual global turnover, equaling $14.7 billion.

I think Phil Bloomer, Oxfam's policy director, summed up the situation perfectly:

"Starbucks has made some progress towards helping poor farmers in recent years, but their behavior on this occasion is a huge backwards step, and raises serious questions about the depth of their commitment to the welfare of their suppliers. By acting responsibly, they could set an example for others by supporting Ethiopia's plan to help the 15 million struggling Ethiopian farmers who depend on coffee for their survival."

So there you have it, that is why Starbucks is nothing more then one big over caffeinated global bastard.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

God Spoke To Me In A “Vision” and Told Me Michele Bachmann Is A Nut Job

Alright so I am sure that many of you have either seen or heard of Michele Bachmann’s speech that she gave at the Living Word Christian Center last weekend. Aside from the fact that the pastor broke IRS tax laws by publicly endorsing Bachmann, which is ironic since Bachmann is a tax lawyer, the best parts of the video are Bachmann’s own comments. Here are some of my favorites:

1) “It wasn’t a big romantic surge that led us to each other [her husband] it was his [God’s] word. We were praying one night, a girl friend and I, not my husband, and the lord gave each one of us the exact same vision. And it was this, it was a picture of me, marrying this man in the valley where his parents have a farm in western Wisconsin…I had no idea that at the same time the Lord was speaking to my husband and he showed my husband in a vision that he was suppose to marry me…and over the next two years the lord began to romantically knit these two hearts together.”

2) “And eventually the Lord took me to law school, I went to the first Christian law school there was in the United States down at Oral Roberts University where they taught the law from a biblical world view, and from there my husband said now you need to go and get a post doctorate degree in tax law. Tax law? I hate taxes, why should I go and do something like that? But the Lord says be submissive, wives you are to be submissive to your husbands. So we moved to Virginia Beach, Virginia and I went to William & Mary to law school to get a post doctorate degree in tax law and I pursued this course of study. Never had a tax course in my background, never had a desire for it, but by faith I was going to be faithful to do what I felt God was calling me to do through my husband.”

3) “God then called me to run for the United States Congress, and I thought what in the world would that be for? And my husband said you need to do this and I wasn’t so sure. And we took three days, and we fasted and we prayed, we said Lord is this what you want? Is this your will? And on the afternoon of day two he [the Lord] made that calling sure.”

So there you have it, sound life advice courtesy of Michele Bachmann. When making any important life decision simply wait for God to talk to you through a “vision” or be submissive and do exactly what your husband tells you to do. Does she scare the bejesus out of anyone else or just me?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

According To Michele Bachmann All Muslims Are Going To Hell & The Pope Is The Antichrist

So I had a little extra free time at work today and decided to take a look at Michele Bachmann’s website and discovered in her biography section that she is a member of Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church of Stillwater which is associated with the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. So I decided to check out the WELS website and discovered a fun little tool on there, the Q & A section.

Here are some of the best parts of what the church that Michele Bachmann belongs to believes in:

“From my personal reading I believe Islam (reflecting statements in the Quran and historical developments of a fairly consistent ideology) has never been a tolerant religion and actively seeks peace only if it does so for its own purposes--eventually to dominate the world religiously and culturally.” (link)

“Although Muhammad was an antichrist and Islam is anti-Christian, we do not identify Muhammad with the Antichrist because he does not fit the description in 2 Thessalonains 2:1-2.” (link)

“. . . we accept that the Pope is the Antichrist . . . because among all the antichristian manifestations in the history of the world and the Church that lie behind us in the past there is none that fits the description given in 2 Thess. 2 better than the Papacy.” (link)

So there you go, basically according to the church that Michele Bachmann proclaims to be a member of (1) Muslims are trying to dominate the world religiously and culturally, (2) all Muslims are going to hell, (3) Muhammad was an antichrist but he wasn’t THE antichrist, and (4) the coveted spot of THE antichrist is reserved for the Pope.

Oh and her church doesn't believe in any form of evolution (link, sec. 2 #7) either.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Breaking: Air America Files for Bankruptcy; PiedPiper, Anti-Everything Jump Off Wabasha St. Bridge Arm in Arm

Bush: A Failure In Diplomacy & Leadership

As I am sure everyone is aware earlier this week North Korea announced that they had successfully tested a nuclear devise. So now one of the craziest and by far the sexiest dictator in the world has nuclear weapons at his disposal. So what does all of this mean?

Well as far as the future goes I don’t think anybody, not even the pundits on the 24-hour news channels, have any idea. But all one has to do is look back at the policy of the Bush administration in relation to North Korea and see that it all adds up to one giant diplomatic failure and a complete inability on the part of President Bush to actually act as a leader.

Now I realize that when something goes bad for the Bush administration and Republicans the first thing they do is immediately blame everything on policies implemented during the Clinton administration. And that is exactly what happened; take for instance what Sen. John McCain said earlier this week during a speech in Detroit. McCain stated:

“I would remind Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and other critics of the Bush administration policies that the Framework Agreement of the Clinton administration was a failure.”

Now for those of you not familiar with the Framework Agreement, this was an agreement reached through direct negotiations between the Clinton administration and North Korea. The agreement came after a very dire threat of war in 1994 and it froze North Korea’s entire plutonium facility at Yongbyon. There were seals on the doors, closed-circuit televisions, and at least two UN inspectors on the ground, 24/7, all the time. This agreement held from 1994 until 2002 and denied North Korea the plutonium that would have allowed them to make more bombs.

Now if one simply wants to look at this agreement and nothing else then it would be very easy to say that the policy failed since in 2002 North Korea purchased nuclear technology from America’s ally and close partner in the so called “war on terror” Pakistan, broke the terms of the Framework Agreement and restarted there nuclear program.

But to simply look at the breakdown of the agreement outside of the broader Bush foreign policy would be completely na├»ve. So what happened in 2002 that could have had an impact on North Korea’s decision to violate the Framework Agreement?

In January of 2002 in Bush’s State of the Union address he famously referred to North Korea as one part of the "axis of evil", Bush announced his policy of preemption, and under the policy of preemption we illegally invaded Iraq. And in response to these actions North Korea made the decision that America would not take action against a nuclear power, the reason why we invaded the weakest of the three so called "evil" nations first, and thus North Korea resumed their nuclear program. Couple this with the fact that since coming into office, President Bush, unlike his predecessor, has refused repeated overtures by Kim Jong Il to open direct talks, insisting that all negotiations with North Korea occur within a 6-party framework.

So basically the Bush administration’s arrogance, stubbornness and complete lack of diplomatic tact is one of the major causes of North Korea’s rise to a nuclear power. And history will now forever record President Bush’s legacy as being the sitting American president who allowed North Korea to become the world’s ninth, yes ninth because unlike everyone in the corporate media I am not forgetting about Israel, nuclear power.

I would also like to take this time to thank all of the unwavering, flag flying Bush supporters out there. Thanks to your collective ignorance and steadfast fear that around every corner lurks some phantom terrorist ready to kill you, the world is now neck deep in the worst nuclear crisis since the Cold War.

To all of you brainwashed Bushites, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart, you may have just f*cked us all.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


"L'etat, c'est moi" - Louis XIV (1638-1715), King of France

"I am the decider" - George W. Bush (2006), U.S. President

Sunday, October 08, 2006


"In a speech in Iowa, John Kerry said he is not sure whether he is running for president. Not sure? Really? What are you doing in Iowa?"
—Jay Leno

Monday, October 02, 2006

Time To Bust Out Your Homer Hanky's

It's nice that in the run up to a major midterm election and a very divided populous that there is still one thing that can bring us all together, Twins Baseball!!!!

So with the Twins taking on the Athletics tomorrow at noon it is time for everyone to bust out their 2006 homer hanky (if they can find one), a past homer hanky, or in Mandingo's case a soiled bath towel and show your Twins pride.