Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Humor from Andy Stern

"It is the greatest middle-class, job-creating mechanism that we have ever had in America that doesn't cost tax payers a dime."

This comes from an interview with Ezra Klein
. Naturally, Mr. Klein let the comment stand. His salary should really be considered a contribution from the Washington Post to the DNC and the unions.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Voucher Fail?

Liberals appear to be happily stomping on what they presume to be the tomb of the voucher movement. This celebration is predicated on the failure of vouchers to be the silver bullet for Milwaukee's educational needs. The Milwaukee voucher pilot demonstrated modest gains at a cost per pupil less than than public schools average expenditure for student. It just seems odd to label something as an outright failure when it yields a slightly better product at a lower cost. Most folks would call that an improvement, not a panacea or silver bullet, but an improvement.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Will the GOP Remain the Old White Crusty Dude Party in Perpetuity

Not necessarily says Gene Healy:
"Yet, here’s an interesting fact: Recent Census Bureau figures predict that the working-age population will be 55 percent minority by midcentury. It may be hard to imagine the Tea Party movement becoming a Rainbow Coalition. But it’s even harder to believe that minority voters will enjoy paying for the (mostly white) baby boomers’ retirement and health care while they’re working to support their own families."

That's an interesting thought but I think the GOP will need to be crushed harder before it decides it needs to market itself towards a more diverse array of voters. Given that this midterm election is going to be a positive one for the GOP it is unlikely that such a change will occur anytime soon.