Thursday, June 24, 2010

Al, We Hardly Knew Ya

If the smoking gun is to be believed, Al Gore likes handjobs from strangers. I don't see that as a problem. That said, I wonder what Sen. Gore's voting record was on these types of activities? I think if Al Gore had introduced legislation once upon a time called the Massage Parlor Freedom Act or the Happy Ending Act that that might have softened some of the rough edges of his public image. Personally, I am always much more comfortable with a Democrat whose views of limiting government intervention extend beyond abortion and sexual orientation.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

BP and Unemployment

I do like the following idea from Robert Reich: "The President should order BP to establish a $5 billion clean-up fund, and immediately put America’s army of unemployed young people to work saving the Gulf coast. Call it the new Civilian Conservation Corps."

Friday, June 04, 2010

PeP Endorsement

I am endorsing Blogger cum Senate candidate Mickey Kaus (D-CA) to be California's next Senator. Given my previously established influence over the interwebs, I firmly believe that this endorsement will have an earth shattering impact (Kaus thinks that he will get about 3% of the vote, my endorsement should probably swing another 1%).

My rationale for endorsing Mickey Kaus is principally self-serving (somebody needs to set the precedent of a blogger becoming a big time politician so that it's not perceived as crazy when I jump straight to the white house without holding major office) but there are also more substantive reasons. One, I think it is important for someone who will not be immediately perceived as a bigot (thus, not a republican) to advance a sensible enforcement first-legalization later immigration policy. Aside from being better policy I think this would have a salutary impact on the immigration debate. Two, Kaus while liberal, would promote heterodoxy in general. Once other politicians saw how reporters had a lip lock on his ass for going against the grain on major issues other politicians and candidates will have an incentive at the margin to act out of envy and see personal gain in telling their leadership to go to hell. Again, I think this too would have a beneficial impact on policy debates and ultimately on policy outcomes. So with that said, I endorse Mickey Kaus for Senator.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Sensible Celebrity Quote

Normally I cringe when actors and such offer their politcal opinions as they're policy advice tends be daft. That said, this, from James Cameron, is very sensible:
'"The government really needs to have its own independent ability to go down there and image the site, survey the site and do its own investigation," he said.
"Because if you're not monitoring it independently, you're asking the perpetrator to give you the video of the crime scene," Cameron added.'

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

My Influence is Boundless

My call for a BP boycott is mushrooming. I am one of the most important people on the internet. See this article, it may not mention me by name, but it is really all about me. I get results.