Friday, February 24, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note

I was at Best Buy and saw the Samsung Galaxy Note. It is massive. While a phone it is so large that really it is closer in size to being a small tablet. I don't know that it would fit in anybody's pants' pockets. That said, the screen is absolutely brilliant. Amazing colors and resolution. I can imagine this phone may appeal to women (it will fit just fine in a purse) and people that can palm a basketball.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

The Land of the Free

Our Prison system:
'Hulin’s case was unusual: most prisoners who get raped do not write letters to the warden. It isn’t hard to see why: resisting an inmate who claims your body as his own, or, worse, acquiring a reputation as a “snitch,” can turn an isolated incident into months of serial gang rape. Just ask Roderick Johnson, a petty thief who was attacked by his roommate shortly after arriving at a Texas prison. Johnson asked to be transferred to a different section of the facility, and got his wish. But news of Johnson’s physical availability had spread throughout the complex—after you’re raped once, you’re marked—and he was soon enslaved by a gang. In addition to passing Johnson around among themselves, Johnson’s new overseers sold his ass and mouth to a variety of clients for $3 to $7, a competitive enough price that it resulted in multiple rapes every day for the eighteen months that Johnson spent in prison. When he went to the authorities, they laughed and told him to “fight or fuck.”'

To The People of Colorado, Minnesota, and Missouri

You will never see men with the last names Taint or Smegma win the presidency...neither will Rick Santourum.