Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Barbara Cubin: less than a gem

An election-frenzy surprise: Republican Barbara Cubin, the six-term Representative from Wyoming, is in trouble. The most recent poll shows her Democratic challenger, Gary Trauner, within the margin of error (44 to 40 points, if I recall correctly).

The GOP is providing major cash for her re-election, unusual in such a red state.

What's the problem with Cubin?

Well, maybe it's the racial slur she uttered on the House floor in 2003. Maybe it's the ties to Jack Abramoff (though these seem weak) and Tom Delay.

Maybe it's the comment she made to her opponent from the Libertarian party after a recent debate: "if you weren't in that chair, I'd slap you." (the Libertarian opponent happens to have multiple sclerosis and be in a wheelchair)

These embarrasments are described by wikipedia.

Maybe it's her lack of political presence and performance, despite a decade in the House.

Beyond that, her probable intimacy with mining/extraction call into question her ability to fairly represent the people of Wyoming.

The fact that she seems to lack decency and common sense probably doesn't help.

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