Monday, October 02, 2006

Time To Bust Out Your Homer Hanky's

It's nice that in the run up to a major midterm election and a very divided populous that there is still one thing that can bring us all together, Twins Baseball!!!!

So with the Twins taking on the Athletics tomorrow at noon it is time for everyone to bust out their 2006 homer hanky (if they can find one), a past homer hanky, or in Mandingo's case a soiled bath towel and show your Twins pride.



Mandingo said...

My bath towels are alternatingly referred to as "dirty bombs".

Ilya said...

Speak for yourself Anti - Twins Baseball doesn't bring me anything. They could be playing golf for all I care about the Twins.

archduke f. f. said...

Ilya is only complaining because nobody commented on his mute virgins post.

Ilya said...

Complaining? No. Just registering my active indifference towards the most boring sport on earth: baseball.

As for mute virgins, that was a throwaway post.