Monday, June 13, 2005

Katherine Kersten on...Michele Bachmann

In a beautiful piece of conservative synergy, sister souljah Katherine Kersten delivers a wallop of a love-note to Minnesota Senator Michele Bachmann, the tireless advocate of traditional values and gay-bashing. In her first scoop as a new Strib columnist, Kersten reveals that Bachmann is the real victim, AND that gay rights supports are intolerant! After all, Bachmann was allegedly "accosted" in a Scandia women's bathroom by those heathen homosexuals and their allies, and is still receiving treatment for the gay cooties that infected her. (This, of course, explains her unusual clandestine behind-the-bushes appearance at a gay rights rally on the state capitol mall.)

As usual, Kersten doesn't discuss the merits of the controversial (and hopefully ill-fated) bills Bachmann has introduced. She'd rather stick to blowing her black-print kisses and trying to get the boys at Powerline to keep clutching the Kleenex box.

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