Monday, June 13, 2005

Daily Wha?

  • I know, I know, I know, coverage of the Hatch Girls fell off over the weekend, and I didn't even announce the most shocking news of all...they were found innocent! I guess that doesn't make the news about Michael Jackson quite so amazing, eh? Nick Coleman threw in his two-cents (well, it was more like a dime) yesterday in the Strib. See also: the Hatch Girls slideshow. Love those Hatches!
  • In related news, Mike Hatch, MN attorney general, father of the Hatch Vixens, as well as past and future losing DFL gubernatorial candidate, announced the trial ended personal "year of hell." Nah, Mike, that'll be 2006 when you have to give yet another concession speech. Zing!
  • Sweet Thandiwe (aka The Doctor) Peebles has her head in the Minneapolis School Board guilliotine, but the African-American community is rallying behind her. Doug Grow takes the Board to he should. Who gives someone a mandate for change, and when she starts changing things for the better (in less than one year, by the by) Whitey gets up in arms because she's allegedly rubbed people the wrong way. Besides, would it make sense for a bankrupt school district to buy out 18 months of her $130,000+/year salary? I think not.
  • As the sky is literally falling outside my window, Fox 9 News declared war on the weather vis a vis Operation: Storm Season, and Soucheray laments the overabundant use of that old standard, the siren.
  • Need another reason to lament the fact that Teflon Tim Pawlenty stamped the oversized VETO on the popular and bipartisan transportation bill? No? Well, I'll give you one anyway. If the budget doesn't pass, all highway construction projects will cease. But don't worry, commuters: that just means when you leave for work on Highway 62 Monday morning , you'll get there by Friday afternoon!
  • Ding, dong, General College is dead. The U should be well on its way to being one of the top three schools in the world any day now.

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