Thursday, June 02, 2005

Katherine Kersten on...Gay Marriage

Katherine Kersten proves she's firmly in the closet, with the door shut and locked, yet she still obviously goes to great pains (what with all the nonsequiturs and red herrings) to illustrate her point: "No, no, we really don't hate the gays! It's just that they're ruining society and infecting our kids with their so-called lifestyle choices, and if we allow this to continue the earth will quake and the oceans will boil." As usual, a PeP translation:

Katherine says: "Supporters of same-sex marriage seem to believe they're on the right side of history. They view the issue through the prism of civil rights, as the 2005 equivalent of getting black Americans out of the back of the bus [...] Marriage -- the union of one man and one woman -- is about much more than individual rights, with only the happiness of two individuals at stake. It's a universal, cross-cultural social institution that is critical to the common good."
PeP says: Denying a group of people a set of state-protected rights and responsibilities is not ok if that group is black, Asian, American Indian, etc. Denying a group of people a set of state-protected rights and responsibilities is ok if that group is gay.

Katherine says: "Minnesotans don't see the marriage debate as a replay of Selma, Ala., in 1965. They understand the nature and purpose of marriage very differently than same-sex-marriage advocates do."
PeP says: Minnesotans are uncomfortable with their sexuality.

Katherine says: "Why does marriage exist? Because sex between men and women makes babies: the next generation. Getting men and women to stay together to raise these children is a tricky business, but the long-term survival of society depends on it."
PeP says: Katherine Kersten...asking the tough questions, coming up with the tough answers. And here the PeP has been thinking the whole baby thing had to do with storks and the omniscient one. Oh yeah, and implying that society is in dire need of survival, despite the overpopulation and what have you, is perfectly legitimate, don't you think?

Katherine says: "Social science bears out common sense here. Kids with a married mom and dad have the best chance of flourishing on every conceivable measure, from avoiding juvenile delinquency and out-of-wedlock births to forming successful marriages themselves."
PeP says: And those kids from broken-homes are just filthy little wretches with no hope for the future.

Katherine says: "Star Parker [is] a black social commentator with a special interest in our ravaged inner cities, where traditional marriage has broken down." She says: "Most children in the inner city, have two loving adults: a mom and a grandmother. Two loving adults aren't enough. Kids need a mom and a dad."
PeP says: Well, if she's a black social commentator she must know what kids in the "ravaged inner cities" need. Her race also releases Katherine from offering any of this person's credentials. I mean, she's a black social commentator...what more do you need to know?

Katherine says: "Obviously, I won't divorce my husband if same-sex marriage becomes legal. But a radical redefinition of marriage -- recasting it as a matter of 'love between individuals' rather than the social institution that preserves the nuclear family -- will change what's been called our 'marriage culture,' with major consequences for our children and grandchildren."
PeP says: This is where the hellfire, brimstone, meteors, ocean-boiling, and Riders of the Apocalypse come in.

Katherine says: "If we adopt same-sex marriage, we'll be sending our children the message that 'family structure doesn't matter' -- that kids can do without moms or dads. Instead of encouraging traditional marriage, we'll be offering them a smorgasbord of "life-style options," and telling them their choices are merely a matter of personal taste. Here's the message that will be reinforced in our schools, on television and in the movies: Society has no special stake in any family form. Do just as you please."
PeP says: Is that really the message we'd be sending? Or would it be that two people who happen to be biologically different than Katherine Kersten would finally be able to have their love viewed as legitimate in the eyes of the public institutions that represent them? Or would it be that children of homosexual couples are finally allowed to be a real family? Or would it be that Katherine has a lemon shoved so far up her ass that she shits lemonade?

Katherine says: "If same-sex marriage prevails, I suspect we'll see both a decline in marriage and an upsurge in out-of-wedlock births, as Scandinavia has."
PeP says: No statistics to back up that claim, but who needs them...Scandinavians are socialists!

Katherine says: "The agenda of traditional-marriage proponents is not negative -- fear or hatred of homosexuals. It's positive -- to protect and preserve marriage as the universal, socially supported institution that keeps mothers and fathers together to care for children."
PeP says: So after we eliminate this whole gay marriage thing, we should abolish divorce, right? Right!

Katherine says: "Minnesotans believe that gays and lesbians have a right to live as they please. But they don't believe that gays and lesbians have the right to redefine the institution of marriage for everyone else."
PeP says: Don't tread on me...especially if you're gay.

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