Friday, July 14, 2006

Two Sides of a Coin

Google News headline 1:
Nebraskas Too Broad Marriage Amendment Ruled Constitutional

Google News headline 2:
Federal Appeals Court Reinstates Nebraska Anti-Gay Amendment

The first headline is from the Christian Public Relations webpage, WDC media. The second is from The fact that our blog now links to will bring both a boycott by the Christian Coalition and lots and lots of window treatments.

Nebraska's law says that homosexuals have no way to legally recognize their relationship, short of starting a "I'm gay with Pedro" club.

I am not sure about the details of the opinion, however according to the Christian site the court "took note of the large majority" of voters who said Nay on the sodomy. However, I was under the opinion that the job of the United States courts was not to take into account the will of the majority, but instead to protect the Constitution. Having said that, I'm not enough of a law scholar to tell you whether the Equal Protection Clause should allow homosexuals to marry, as the usual argument goes, I am enough of a law scholar to tell you that miscegenation was a crime in Virginia until 1967, 3 years after the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

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PiedPiper said...

Boycott by the Christian Coalition? There goes our readership...