Friday, July 14, 2006

Pie-Eyed Poll

Apparently, our vast PePper Network considers Anti-Everything their favorite Pie-Eyed Contributor, despite a dormancy nearly rivaling PiedPiper's winter doldrum. This proves one of two things: (a) Anti-Everything has more money for bribes than the other contributors; or (b) Anti-Everything's friends have less to do at work than he did this week. The results (out of 55 votes):

  • Anti-Everything - 29%
  • XtraChromosomeConservative - 18%
  • PiedPiper - 16%
  • Ilya - 15%
  • Mandingo, GreeCe, AFF - 7%

Hopefully, our next poll will be cleaner. The question is: What should we do about North Korea's nukes? As the saying goes, vote early; vote often...and you can also vote for multiple answers. Cast your ballot today!

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