Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I Also Want His Balls

So Zidane was interviewed on French television today concerning the "head butt heard around the world" (I made that up myself thanks). In the interview Zidane stated:

"I want to ask for forgiveness from all the children who watched that, there was no excuse for it. I want to be open and honest about it. I do apologize but I don't regret my behavior because regretting it would mean he was right to say what he said."

In regards to what exactly Materazzi said to provoke him Zidane only replied that the remarks were "very personal and concerned my mother and sister. I tried not to listen to him but he kept repeating them.”

On a completely different note, but one that is of much greater interest to me, Jurgen Klinsmann announced today that he will not be returning as manager of the German national team, and will instead be heading back to his home in southern California to spend time with his family.

This is great news considering the numerous rumors that have been circulating around that the U.S. national team is very interested in having Klinsmann replace current national team coach and choke artist Bruce Arena. Arena needs to go and getting Klinsmann would be the greatest thing to happen to the U.S. soccer program in a very long time.

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A Green Cowboy said...

I would wet my pants if we got Klinsmann. Seriously.