Wednesday, July 12, 2006

You’re either with us or...

Alright so I found this little poll that was conducted by The Korea Times which found that almost 48 percent of young people in South Korea think that if the U.S. attacks North Korea then Seoul should support the North Koreans.

I don’t really have any commentary on this at all I just found the results of the poll interesting.


A Green Cowboy said...

There were some important qualifications though; from what I understood, the question was phrased "if the US attacked North Korea's nuclear facilities without South Korea's approval."

Also interesting - 54% supported a peaceful reuniting with North Korea.

archduke f. f. said...

From my experience, South Koreans believe that the North Koreans will never attack them. Even people who live in Seoul, which is just a short bus ride away from the DMZ, live without fear of the North.

It may be that people believe that the Korean Civil War wasn't necessarily a war between brothers, but a war predicated on and advanced because of the tense USSR/China and US relations.

In addition, South Koreans absolutely hate President Bush. Despise him. Would burn him in effigy if they had the matches. It's deep, and it comes from years of being--in many ways--an occupied nation. The US soldiers in Korea have done a ton of good (I believe they've kept the North from attacking), but they've also strained relations on account of the sexual proclivities of many members of the Armed Forces. Couple that with the occasional murder/assault/rape and you've got people who don't always trust the men in uniform. Now, since Bush tends to go the maverick, cowboy way with everything without thinking about the societal impact (something that is incredibly important in Korean culture), that really puts off the South.