Thursday, November 03, 2005

The neglected few

Well, after the bluster of Anti(dash)'s League of Pissed Off Voters (Lop Lop ov) tract, we have to really get down to brass tacks. Correct me if I'm wrong, but there are some races in Minneapolis that have been neglected by the glitz and glamour/glamor of the independent voting movement.

For example, did you know that there are 3 (non-lop ov) endorsed candidates for the Parks and Rec board at large? That the Board of Estimate and Taxation has two at-large member seats up for grabs? That there are 12 (twelve/XII) candidates for Library Board of Trustees, but only 6 spots up for grabs? Can anyone truly comprehend the real drama of knowing whether or not Walt Dziedzic will continue his sweet, loving stranglehold on Nordeast politics (I'm sure the endorsement by my 96 year old great grandmother, Mary Marino, will hold some cachet in the eyes of the voting public) ?

It's go-time here at the PeP, where we get to yell loudly about things that matter very little in the grand scheme of things.

Here are a few of the races that aren't grabbing as many headlines*.

In the Park and Recreation Board, we have 3 at-large bids. The candidates include Rochelle Berry Graves, Meg Forney, Daniel Froehlich, Mary Merrill Anderson, Tom Nordyke, and Annie Young. Here comes the snark:

Since only three of these candidates have websites set up, I am only able to confirm a few things.

First, Meg Forney really loves herself. I'm talking oodles and oodles of sweet narcisstic glory. As narcissistic as someone who would write on a blog for the whole world to see but then end up writing to him/herself over and over again ad infinitum. That said, she's endorsed by the Strib, seems to have a good sense of humor, and has a history of working for the good of the community at large.

Next is Tom Nordyke. He is endorsed by the DFL, the Sierra Club, and the ghost of Snoopy. He also is a member of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, in case you cared. Sadly, he uses the wrong "vein" in a sentence on his website, so I can no longer look at him with any bit of seriousness. And the html is all screwed up at the bottom of his template. If he cannot organize his website, how can he organize our city parks?

Finally, we have Annie Young. The pre-main page of her website is an explosion of red flowers tiled across our helpless browsers. Come on Annie, you're an incumbent. You're better than this. Annie is a "nationally recognized orator," much like Marcus Tullius Cicero. Sadly, she does not pass my arbitrary test for likability, as she espouses "The Three E's": Environment, Economics and...something that doesn't start with E. Give me a break, Annie. Of course, she doesn't need an endorsement from the PeP, as she won the primary and will be handily re-elected.

Arbitrary Endorsements: Meg Forney, because she has a cool hat.
Mary Merrill Anderson, because I like how "Mary Merrill" sounds.
Rochelle Berry Graves, because then we can perhaps fuse the three together to create a Voltron-style robot of electable proportions named Mary Berry Forney.

Tomorrow: Board of Estimate and Taxation.

*Minneapolis Election Wiki helped me/did the dirty work of compiling this list

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Apropos of nothing, but man I love the MN news.


Dane Smith, Star Tribune
November 3, 2005

Call it payback, or the launch of the Deer's Governor-Hunting Opener.

A big buck smashed in a window at the back of the State Capitol near the governor's office Thursday morning, then charged past a very startled Gov. Tim Pawlenty just as he was entering the building.

The episode coincided with the run-up to the Governor's Deer Opener, an event that Pawlenty launched three years ago and which he has turned into a rather big deal.

"Another five feet...if it wasn't out of season, we could have had the opener right here," Pawlenty laughed as he told the story at a press conference announcing judicial appointments. "If that's any indication, the deer hunting is going to go well this year."

Pawlenty will be hunting and presiding at events at the opener this weekend, which is being held in and around Perham, in northwestern Minnesota.