Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Vote Dammit!

So in my endless struggle to educate and inform all of you loyal PeP readers out there I have decided to post The League of Pissed Off Voters guide to the upcoming Twin Cities election. Read it, learn it, and love it.

St. Paul Mayor: Chris Coleman

  • Endorsed Vote: Yes
  • He’s not an exciting candidate, but he’s spits better game than his opponent. He’s been saying some good things lately about working with all the communities in St. Paul and we want to make sure he remembers all the things he’s said once he gets elected.

St. Paul School Board: Elona Street-Stewart

  • Endorsed Vote: Hell Yeah
  • She’s a solid candidate, who has served on school boards for years and unfailingly represents the interests of people of color in public schools.

St. Paul School Board: John Broderick

  • Endorsed Vote: Yes
  • He’s an incumbent with a decent record.

St. Paul School Board: Tom Goldstein

  • Endorsed Vote: Yes
  • Tommy “love the kids”- Solid progressive platform. He's a parent of public students, active in his community (he co-founded and coordinated the Gusmacker 3-on3 Basketball Tournament), and has a strong desire to work towards quality education for all students.

Minneapolis Mayor: R.T. Rybak

  • Endorsed Vote: Yes
  • He’s no Farheen Hakeem, but he sucks less than his opponent, Pete McLaughlin. R.T seems to be more aware than his opponent that issues exist in a larger context, which requires solutions beyond just putting more cops on the streets. We’ll see if we can help him understand the issues even better in another four years.

Minneapolis City Council, Ward 1: Paul Ostrow

  • Endorsed Vote: Yes
  • Fairly popular in his district of Northeast Minneapolis. He's the current President of City Council, credited with pulling Council members together across factions. Also, he has worked to promote small businesses opportunities along Central Ave.

Minneapolis City Council, Ward 2: Cam Gordon

  • Endorsed Vote: Hell Yeah
  • He’s a Green with new ideas and a long background in community involvement. Wants to change the over-occupancy code that is used to discriminate against and evict students who live with 5 non-relatives. Would require that one seat on every city board be set aside for someone under 30 because he believes in young people’s involvement in the political process.

Minneapolis City Council, Ward 3: Aaron Newman

  • Endorsed Vote: Yes
  • He’s passionate about police reform and changing drug policy. He’s calling for the city to pass a harm reduction statement and begin decriminalizing marijuana. Aaron’s young and this is his first run for office, so we want to support him.

Minneapolis City Council, Ward 4: Barb Johnson

  • Endorsed Vote: Yes
  • She’s so respected that no one wanted to run against her. She does a good job of advocating for economic development in her district of North Minneapolis.

Minneapolis City Council, Ward 5: Natalie Johnson Lee

  • Endorsed Vote: Hell Yeah
  • As a result of redistricting done by a non-representative, unaccountable Redistricting Commission, the only two current Council members of color are being forced to run against each other. While we like and respect Don Samuels, we have to go with Natalie on this one because she has a stronger progressive record and closer ties to the community. What sucks most is being forced to make the choice.

Minneapolis City Council, Ward 6: Dean Zimmerman

  • Endorsed Vote: Yes
  • Green, very progressive, bikes around the city and always speaks at anti-war marches. We know he’s under investigation by the Feds but we hope he is fully cleared.

Minneapolis City Council, Ward 8: Elizabeth Glidden

  • Endorsed Vote: Yes
  • She’s a civil rights lawyer with strong ties to immigrant groups.

Minneapolis City Council, Ward 10: Ralph Remington

  • Endorsed Vote: Hell Yeah
  • The perfect candidate- makes you want to get out and vote just for him. We endorsed him for the DFL nomination process and he’s so proud of our endorsement he put it on all his literature.

Minneapolis City Council, Ward 12: Kevin McDonald

  • Endorsed Vote: Yes
  • His opponent represents the establishment, and he’ll bring in a fresh perspective.

Minneapolis City Council, Ward 13: Betsy Hodges

  • Endorsed Vote: Yes
  • She has a long record of working as a fundraiser for progressive causes.


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