Thursday, October 20, 2005

State of the Blog

In the past week, we, the authors or contributors of the blog have brought our eggheads together to divine a path towards greatness for the PeP. Mandingo has thrown the gauntlet down against the Powerlineblog. Frankly, outside of their national reputation, their claim to fame of having done in Dan Rather, and featuring widely published conservative pundits who on top of that have successful and lucrative day jobs, they don't have a damn thing on us. Their musings on discourse political and social barely approach the proverbial wet bags of shit Mandingo churns out. And Mandingo has volume going for him.

But no, dear readers, the purpose of this post was not to blog about our superiority over the Powerlineblog, or DailyKos, or any other inferior spot on cyberspace. Rather, after a week of deliberations we have tentatively achieved a consensus on the future of the blog, and that future is strong. We will move beyond our current format of enlightened yet amateurish attempts at explaining news items big and small to creating a Cyber Cabal for Dorks hither and yon. We have a new contributor, Archduke F.F., I don't know him but he has an MFA, which is great to have on your resume if you want to work in the restaurant industry.

Also, in keeping with the interactive nature of the medium, as subjects arise that intrigue you--you being our vast readership--please inform us of as much through email or comment and we will do our best to incorporate your area of interest into the PeP's front page content. Though, please understand, we receive such a high volume of inquiries that the turnaround is not yet where we'd like it to be.
Godspeed and God Bless!


archduke f. f. said...

Details, details...

I actually have just a run of the mill M.A., though it is from the U of C ("Where fun comes to die"). Pieper seems to confuse my dreams with my actual life.

And I'm trying to get a job as a chauffer, not a waiter.

PiedPiper said...

Xtra - you damn adminstrator-wannabe - you beat me to the punch on the State of the Blog address. BTW, I sent an invite to your brother. You will no longer be the lone soldier of the right.

Sir Archduke, I apologize for my mix-up on the degree.

Also, I've added word verification to the comments sections in hopes that our fiend splog bot-friends will not visit quite so often.

xtrachromosomeconservative said...

I know, stealing your thunder, definite foul. But I couldn't help myself. But my STOB was rather skeletal, feel free to flesh it out in a STOB post script, or a STOBPS.

Ilya said...

Welcome archduke f.f. Hope your year in Hyde Park was as enlightening as mine, and I hope you've escaped to someplace happier, where fun thrives.