Thursday, October 20, 2005

Jennings walks away from Bar/None, steps into bucketful of insanity

Pitchfork reports that Minneapolis heartthrob/musician Mason Jennings has signed on with the nascent Glacial Palace label, Isaac Brock’s very own subsidiary of Epic records.

Now, I’m not so indie that I go ballistic and scream traitor if an independent artist decides to switch to a major label and become a member of the music world’s ruling elite. My problem is that Isaac Brock, frontman for Modest Mouse, is actually in charge of something. The man carries sugar packets full of crazy in the pockets of his unwashed Levi’s. Though Modest Mouse is a kickass band, Isaac Brock shouldn’t have any job where he isn’t directing his demento-rays into creating something like “Ocean Breathes Salty” or “Cowboy Dan” or “Trailer Trash.” Or the whole Moon and Antarctica album. Or Long Drive….

Mason Jennings is a big boy, but I worry about our little friend from Minneapolis (via Pittsburgh). Perhaps he’ll catch a little bit of Isaac’s insane and forget to sing his songs as though he is impersonating someone impersonating Bob Dylan.

Having just fact-checked myself about the Pittsburgh thing, I noticed that the entirety of MJ's homepage is now hosted by Sony/Epic records. So, if you were trying to learn about Mason and also wanted some sweet ringtones for your Sony/Ericsson cell, it’s one-stop shopping.

*Thanks to Hensley for the tip


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Mandingo said...

Arch, thanks for the levity in your posts. It's beautiful actually.

PiedPiper said...

Koizumi and Mason Jennings...I knew we brought you on for a reason, Sir Archduke. Bless your furry heart.

Anonymous said...

Mason Jennings - Saturday, December 10 at First Ave. Solo show. $14 Tickets on sale now