Thursday, October 13, 2005

Give me liberty or give me...

...Patty Wetterling? In the biggest non-news event since Randy Kelly's press-filled commercial shoot, child safety advocate and official Mother of Minnesota, Patty Wetterling, announced her bid to replace Mark Dayton in the U.S. Senate.

She'll have to seriously bone up on issues other than child safety, though, if she expects to beat Hennepin County Attorney Amy Klobuchar for the Democratic candidacy. Klobuchar has the crime-and-punishment credentials and a larger war chest. Not to mention the coveted EMILY's List endorsement that caused Wetterling so much trouble in her ill-fated run to unseat 6th District Congressional representative Mark Kennedy (who, BTW, will be representing the GOP in the Senate race).

But, then again, Wetterling does have the sympathy vote, and that oh-so-coveted name recognition. And, really, if Minnesota can elect ultra-liberal-Wellstone-supporter-turned-archconservative-Republican-purse-pooch Norm Coleman (who had previously lost to [gasp] Jesse Ventura in a race for governor) just about anything's possible.

So, really, how do we choose between Wetterling and Klobuchar? I say an MPR-sponsored ultimate-fighting cage match. Garrison Keillor can moderate.

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Anonymous said...

Give me liberty or give me a choice between Wetterling and Klobuchar? Neither are remotely interesting, Wetterling has over stayed her media keep by about a decade or so, and Klobuchar is just another lefty lawyer.

Having eliminated them, let's beg Dayton to return. He is a ton of grins, stupid to a fault, unable to string a coherent sentence together and will never live down the escape to the Fort Snelling bunker insanity.

The entertainment value alone makes mumblin' Mark the clear choice!