Sunday, October 02, 2005

Let's Move On...

Let's face it...the PeP has had a hard time coming back from Mandingo's "Bearded Matriarch" debacle. So let's look at something just as ridiculous.

St. Paul mayoral "candidate" (if you can still call him that) Randy Kelly - who happens to be the incumbent - held a "press conference" this week. Just about every news organization in the Twin Cities turned out for it. The problem? There was no actual news. In fact, by most accounts it was an attempt by the Kelly campaign to just get some press their drubbing in the primary by DFL-endorsed contender Chris Coleman.

So what's the matter with Kelly? Well, first and foremost, he endorsed President Bush in last year's presidential election, while he was a supposedly Democratic mayor of one of the most liberal cities in America. This decision, as Kelly makes it sound, was based on principle. Unfortunately for him, that notion has backfired and just about everybody and their dog has called his bluff. Now after nearly losing his general election spot to the Green Party candidate he's resorted to holding non-news events in order to get a sliver of the limelight.

I don't have a huge problem with Kelly. I do have a problem with a guy who purports to identify with certain progressive ideals, yet cosies up with those - Bush, Pawlenty, Norm Coleman - who reflect, and vote, on the far opposite side of those ideals. Kelly thought that he could have things both ways. He thought St. Paul was so wrapped up in him that they could forget his transgressions on the other side.

His campaign persona says he's a man willing to reach out to the other side while holding fast to progressivism. Reality, though, shows a shallow, opportunistic politician who is completely transparent. And everyone realizes that but him.

*Read the "press conference" Q&A at the City Hall Scoop.

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