Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Katherine Kersten on...the Daughters of the American Revolution

Dear Star Tribune:

As I doubt you know, I've been following the bi-weekly articles of your newest columnist, Katherine Kersten, quite radical-right-fanatically. While I understood your decision to seek out a conservative for the position, you may want to reconsider your choice of a former conservative think tank director who happens to be a stooge for the Republican Party, and has no journalism credentials whatsoever.

My concerns were piqued in the past due to obvious logical fallacies included in several of her articles, her strict construction interpretation of the GOP platform, and her lack of seeking out sources in a journalistically ethical way. Her latest article on the Daughters of the American Revolution is none of the above, which in some ways scares me more.

For this article, Kersten wrote about a supposed trend that is sweeping Minnesota, citing an amazing 900 members (Doesn't Minnesota have something like 4 million residents? How do 900 people represent a sweeping movement?) in a club that requires documented lineage back to the Revolutionary War. Huh? The strange incoherence of it left me balled up in the fetal position underneath my desk for a good 15 minutes. I snapped out of it only after reading Laura Billings' filet of fluff, which caused me to digress into septic shock. I'm writing this now from a psych ward, and believe me, it is not easy to type in a strait-jacket.

I guess the bottom line is, please fire Katherine Kersten. Please. For my sanity, for the respect of the journalism profession, for the sake of our children, and for the love of God: she needs to go!

If I do not receive a response, I will be contacting my lawyer about suing for pain and suffering. Actually, I'll contact Mike Hatch and maybe he can sue on behalf of the state (since Kersten's doing us all a disfavor), and we can use the money to finally settle the budget.


The Pied Piper


xtrachromosomeconservative said...

Just an aside. While I heartily concede that Kersten is something of a knuckle dragger and most certainly lacks journalistic credentials, since when is that a disqualifier to writing op-eds.

xtrachromosomeconservative said...

Actually, I take issue with this entire notion of journalism being a respectable profession as well.

PiedPiper said...

Kersten is not simply writing op-eds. She's a columnist. When the Strib announced they were searching for a columnist they made it very clear what they were looking for: someone who was opinionated (obviously) and someone who understands the newsworthiness of different stories and can share them while also sharing his or her own thoughts. What I've noticed in Kersten is that she seems to be unable to find a voice that is both fair and opinionated (from, in my opinion, her own inability to see any other perspectives).

As far as the notion of journalism being respectable, I have to disagree with your sentiments. As a profession, I think journalism is a strong and worthy enterprise. Are there individuals and companies who have sullied that reputation? Most definitely. Are all journalists unfair and biased? Not by a long shot.