Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Suggestion Box

As some of you may know, St. Paul's central post office is moving from its prime riverfront location in Lowertown near Union Depot to Eagan. While this will shift 1,000 jobs out of the city, our political figures are having nocturnal emissions over the development prospects of this vast amount of freed real estate. Mayor Randy Kelly and former mayoral candidate (current Ramsey County Commissioner) Rafael Ortega have vowed to join forces. RK wants to create a multi-modal transportation hub that would connect light-rail and bus transit with high-speed trains (?) to Milwaukee and Chicago. The Amtrak option doesn't really appeal to the PeP, though. So we've come up with a few suggestions of what we'd like to include in the plans:
  • Pie-Eyed Picayune-themed restaurant serving Ramen noodles, sloppy joes, and South Dakota Sippy-Cups (aka cans of Grain Belt)
  • The world's largest teflon sculpture: made in Tim Pawlenty's image, of course
  • A life-size replica of the Metrodome...except this time let's make it an indoor water park!
  • Prairie Home Companion theme park where Garrison Keillor's sonorous voice is always with a creepy way
  • Industrial waste and rusting barges

Leave your suggestions for the downtown St. Paul riverfront by clicking the Comments link below!

(By the way, more extensive details of the transportation plan from the developer's Web site can be viewed here.)

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archduke f. ferdinand said...

Chocolate microscopes?