Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Daily Entrails

  • Pretty big storm last night, eh?
  • Nick Coleman points out the profound stupidity of Pawlenty's "health impact fee" (aka cigarette tax). Who will pay for school library books when all the smokers quit or die? I guess the best way to improve education in Pawlenty's Minnesota is to start sucking on cancer sticks.
  • Is it really believable that the Hatch girls were bragging about their father being the highest law enforcement official in the state of Minnesota while celebrating a birthday in Chicago? Come on...
  • Mayor Randy "Back-stabber" Kelly announced this year's selection for the St. Paul Reads program is Place Where the Sea Remembers by Minnesota author Sandra Benitez. Kelly and the superintendent announced the selection on St. Paul's West Side, which is predominantly Hispanic, and proclaimed it was chosen to highlight "diversity." Would it be too hard to just choose the book because it happens to be good? Oh, wait, then Kelly wouldn't have an excuse to go to the West Side and pretend he's culturally sensitive. What an idiot.
  • Speaking of Randy Kelly, read his quote about the U.S. Postal Service moving out of St. Paul. I'm all for redeveloping some prime riverfront real estate, but high-speed trains to Chicago and Milwaukee? Moving Amtrak downtown? Who is this guy?

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