Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Daily Disturbances

  • With only 12 days left until Minnesota Meltdown 2005, I trust you're all stocking up on canned vegetables and evaporated milk. The prospects of averting a state government shutdown just went down the PeP's color-coded system of ill-thinking government from Mauve (unlikely aversion) to Fuchsia (aversion as likely as Pawlenty and Dean Johnson singing a duet of the "Back to the Future" soundtrack). According to a state Supreme Court ruling, Hutchinson Technologies is eligible for approximately $150 to $200 million in tax exemptions, which means that's $150 to $200 million that won't go toward the $400+ million budget shortfall. Don't worry, though: House Speaker Steve "SpongeBob" Sviggum is on the case...while 13-year-old girls describe him as "mean." Classic.
  • The Strib finally pays some attention to the new Mexican Consulate in St. Paul; AND show they can habla the espanol.
  • The City of St. Paul and the Ramsey County have decided to work together on developing the prime downtown riverfront real estate opening up now that the post office is moving to Eagan. Soon-to-be ex-mayor Randy Kelly wants to build a "multi-modal transportation facility." Hey, I'm all for providing some light-rail and bus transit, but here's an idea: how about building some things that makes people want to come to downtown St. Paul? Did anyone ever float that idea?
  • Well, the DFL may not have been able to endorse a mayoral candidate in Minneapolis, but the Green Party sure did. Meet Fahreen Hakeem.
  • Did you know that in 2005 Americans will spend an estimated $125 billion on weddings? Laura Billings did.
  • Wisconsin bites the hand that feeds it.

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