Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Slim pickin's

  • Al Franken has purchased a townhouse "on the edge of downtown Minneapolis," wherever that is. My guess: Plymouth. It's a rrrreal bastion of liberalism, what with all the tract housing and sleeper cells. Franken is typically unfrank in the Strib write-up.
  • In yet another attempt to decipher this "Interweb" or "Infonet" or whatever it's called, the S. Tribune has started a trite blog called "Green Girl," which dispenses no information, and relies on an unimaginative writer with no gardening experience nor seeming interest in the outdoors. I'm sure seemed like a great idea to whichever editor Green Girl had to blow to land the job.
  • So Pawlenty vetoes the transportation bill AND a state poet laureate? For shame...
  • Powerline proves France is no longer "Old Europe" but the newest American Red State.
  • Yet another Teen Pregnancy Awareness Month comes to an end. Oh, you didn't know it was Teen Pregnancy Awareness Month? Luckily, the PiPress' Laura Billings is around to lament, beat her breast, and report the astonishing fact that most teens don't adhere to their chastity pledges. Wha?

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