Thursday, May 26, 2005


  • If you need a reason to fund a new Twins it is. Minnesotans may be hopelessly pale, but who knew we were all unwitting Nazis? (
  • Outgoing U.S. Senator Mark Dayton wearing a bling chain (and acting unsurprisingly awkward); former presidential candidate Walter Mondale scratching records; Governor Tim Pawlenty and Senator Norm Coleman talking to black people? You gotta see this... (
  • In hopes of defusing their alleged liberal bias, the Star Tribune (aka the Red Star) has brought on new columnist Katherine Kersten. I think she may be part reptile. Big surprise of the day: Powerline loves her. (See also: Great headline writing at the Strib)
  • Is there any other state in the union that refers to a cigarette tax as a "health impact fee"? Furthermore, since when did "fees" go toward funding general spending?
  • Can Minnesota DFLers "Hatch" out of their shells and actually win a gubernatorial race? Doubt it. Notice: He lost the governor's race in '90 and '94. But we are the party of second chances. Er, wait, I mean third chances. (

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