Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Jumping on the Stage Coach

Well, since (for the summer) I've styled myself as a literary layabout (which does not exclude daily trips to the Gym), I might as well blog for the PEP. Our friend, unnamed here except for his initials, JO, is probably right that to become bloggers at this late a date, without a creative gimmick, is tantamount to going to Deadwood to mine for gold well after the gold rush. But we're not here to get rich and famous. We may be riding a stage coach (or worse, hurring up to catch a stage coach) while others have moved on to bigger and better vehicles of publicity, but we're surely going to have some fun trodding along the trail.

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PiedPiper said...

I think we just jumped the shark with that post, buddy. Welcome to the the nether regions of the blogosphere. It's a cold planet we're on, but at least we can see the sun.