Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Katherine Kersten on...Home-Schooling

The Strib's Katherine Kersten regales readers yet again with her infinite wisdom, this time applying her mental magnitude to the wonderful world of home-schooling. A PeP translation:

Katherine says: Brad and Deb home-schooled their daughter, Jessica.
PeP says: Brad, Deb and Jessica think they're better than you.

Katherine says: Jessica started at Notre Dame this year. "[...] she had lots in common with other freshmen there: stratospheric admissions test scores, academic prizes and an application chock-full of extracurricular activities and volunteer work."
PeP says: Jessica lost her viginity in the back of GMC Jimmy after sucking on half a bottle of vodka before yet another Fightin' Irish defeat.

Katherine says: I home-schooled my daughter for three years.
PeP says: Katherine was unemployed for three years.

Katherine says: Jessica was just like everyone else growing up. "I was with other kids all the time," she says, "in activities like 4-H and the Greater Twin Cities Youth Symphonies."
PeP says: 4-H? Greater Twin Cities Youth Symphonies? Come on...

Katherine says: Jessica's mom loved home-schooling because "We didn't have to close the history book at 11:45."
PeP says: "We didn't have to close the history book at 11:45...but we did, because mama needed a gin rickie."

Katherine says: Parents "can nurture their children's minds and hearts free from the alienated, heavily conformist youth culture."
PeP says: Kids who are not home-schooled wear Jnco jeans, baseball caps, and try out for the cheerleading squad. Kids who are home-schooled join 4-H, the Greater Twin Cities Youth Symphonies, and wear sweaters made of homespun yarn. Got that?

Katherine says: Home-schooling only costs $400 a year!
PeP says: If that's the price of social isolation and a too-close relationship with my child/children...I'm sold!


Ilya said...
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Ilya said...

One doesn't have to look far to see that in the "parents are their children's primary educators" credo, "home-school" is a stalking horse or code word for a certain sort of religious based (Catholic) education: Catholic Church of St. Paul, Notre Dame, St. Thomas. Where are those Nietzsche-reading home-schooled atheists and anti-Christians?