Monday, June 01, 2009


Many of the right have made fools of themselves trying to diminish the accomplisments of Judge, soon to be Justice, Sotamayor.  Folks like Fred Barnes, William Bennett, Michael Goldfarb, and countless others have alleged that here success is entirely contingent on preferential treatment.  However, her resume renders this line of attack absurd on its face.  She graduated head of her class in Princeton, was law review at Yale Law School and has served on both circuit and appellate courts. This is the normal trajectory for a Supreme Court justice, namely, an abnormal or exceptional career, the mark of the elite.  It has long been the claim of those of us on the right that a judge should be voted up or down on their qualifications.  Provided there is no ethical snafu or apparent cronyism (a la Harriet Miers), Sotomayor is evidently qualified and should be confirmed by wide margins.  

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