Sunday, March 29, 2009


Yesterday I visited the Intelligentsia coffee shop on Broadway (in Chicago) to get a taste of coffee made from a Clover machine. A few months ago that outlet got rid of its conventional drip machine and in its place installed 3 Clover machines. Which means that each cup of coffee--your cup of coffee--is made soon after you order it, and the whole process takes less than a minute. The Clover machine is slick and quick. It's like a high-tech French press. Unlike French press coffee, however, the coffee that the Clover makes is much smoother. I paid $2.60 for a 12oz cup. You pay for what you get, and it's worth it, especially compared to the price of 12oz of coffee at Starbucks. It is really a shame that the Clover machine (from what I understand) is now owned by Starbucks and they seem reluctant to use it in their own stores and to see it used by anybody else.

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Intelligentsia Coffee said...

I noticed this when I was at Intelligentsia too, in all honesty, id pay twice as much for a cup of intelligentsia over starbucks regardless of the machine that made it.

Always support local when you can =)