Tuesday, January 22, 2008

PeP Links

There is a really interesting forum on the economics and history of Marriage over at Cato-Unbound.

Tim Harford (aka the undercover economist) has an article over at Slate comparing Facebook and Ikea. I thought this would be business case study porn but it was underwhelming (this generally describes Tim Harford).

Somebody who is an avid Marginal Revolution reader made a webpage consisting of links to a MR recurring feature: Markets in Everything. My favorite edition of Markets in Everything: the Russian company who for a fee develops alibis for adulterers.

Daniel Gross wrote a slightly funny, heavily obnoxious column (as per his usual) imploring rich people to spend money to help the U.S. stave off a recession (probably too late).

The folks over at TPMcafe, formerly one of my favorite sites until they discontinued the TPMCafe book club, have a post on what John Edward's next act should be. Her is my suggestion, withdraw from public life. Here is my bet, campaign for president, remind people that his father worked at a mill.

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