Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Edwards Ad: Bursting the Beltway Bubble

Howard Kurtz and other beltway buffoons are bitching and moaning about John Edwards new ad. John Edwards campaign schtick is one part sacharine vomit coupled with about three parts dimwitted populism. Though, I find him utterly noxious and pray that he does not get the nomination I think his most recent political stunt is quite shrewd. If elected, he is threatening to take away Congress members' health care if they are unable to pass universal health care legislation. Pundits scoff at this tactic as the President can't actually take away Congress members' health care, the best he or probably she can do is submit legislation to the Congress for them to enact which would have such an effect. So this is a bit of political theatre. Inside the beltway people are likely to know this, but inside the beltway is not real America. Most real folks eat this type of populism up with a spoon. The notion of stripping Congress of some of its perks is quite appealing to the average voter. It doesn't matter if such a proposal doesn't make the light of day.

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