Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Beer Test

With the primary season right around the corner (or a year away) beer test discussions are beginning. For those of you unfamiliar with the beer test let me provide a brief description:
Policy and party aside, a good many voters vote at a gut level manner, and in many ways this gut level reaction stems from the likeability of the candidate; i.e., which candidate would you most like to drink a beer with?

I will list the folks who have tossed their hat into the ring according to electability:

The Frontrunners:

Dems- John Edwards, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama (still waiting for Oscar night to bear out my prediction on Al Gore)

Winner: Barack Obama, hands down. I will not even dare explain why Hillary loses this competition as it will lead me down a road that ends with getting kneed in the groin by an unidentified party.

GOP- Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, John McCain

Winner: Three-way tie for last.

If the Frontrunners Implode:

Dems: Joe Biden, Bill Richardson, Tom Vilsack

Winner: Joe Biden (see New York Observer interview, comments about 7-11 workers and Delaware's slave state status)

GOP: Newt Gingrich

Winner: Newt Gingrich first and last (emphasis on the latter)

Snowflakes Chance in Hell:

Dems: Dennis Kucinich, the bloke from Alaska whose name I am too lazy to look up (in and of itself not a good sign for his candidacy), and Rev. Al Sharpton (you know he is running- he gets brand new outfits and gets to expense all of his meals)

Winner: Al Sharpton

GOP: Duncan Hunter, Tom Tancredo

Winner: Neither. Both ask all servers and busboys about immigrations status, definite fun killer

Overall Beer Contest Winner:

Joe Biden with Al Sharpton in a distant second.

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