Thursday, December 21, 2006

Holy crap, it snowed

Forgive the title, but that's a lot of snow.

In late summer, I had a good feeling about this winter in Wyoming. Temperatures dipped into the twenties in late August, and flurries arrived in September. My sister and mother came to visit in mid-October, and we were blasted with single-digit windchills, icy roads, and a blanket of snow. On October 18th, our overnight low hit 2 degrees fahrenheit, tying us with Chalkyitsik, Alaska, for the lowest temperature in the nation that day.

Then - nothing. Sunny, mild days. Brown grass. Last winter, grooming on the cross-country ski trails outside of town began just after Halloween. This winter, grooming still had not started as of Monday. Disappointment set in; my wishes for arctic/alpine weather became more fervent by the day.

So, I beg forgiveness if I had anything to do the snowstorm that just finished pounding the front range.

The university closed early yesterday afternoon; I practiced avalanche beacon searches in the quad. Last night, I skiied to my friend's apartment - down 8th street. Sections of interstates 80 and 25 are closed. The I-80 summit webcam, perched at an 8,400 ft pass just outside of town, shows a white-out.

Denver seems to have gotten the worst; I just got a phone call from two friends who are on hour 32 at DIA and counting.

That's a lot of snow.

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