Thursday, December 21, 2006


So as of last week I am done with finals and ready to make my miraculous return to the beloved blog. But since it is almost Christmas and I am rather busy doing nothing at work and killing time until I have next week off I decided that I don’t really feel like paying attention to anything serious that is happening throughout the world.

Instead I have decided to come up with a system of ranking things; I have decided that this system will be called ANTI-EVERYTHING’S AWESOME SCALE OF AWESOMENESS. I figure that I will devote the rest of the week to figuring out exactly how this scale works and what exactly defines a certain items level of awesomeness.

However, judging from past efforts to create something pointless simply for the sake of creating something pointless I will probably quit before I am even close to completion.

All personal skepticism aside here is something that regardless of personal preference I feel everyone can agree is rather awesome…a giant Pac-Man on Highway 55.

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