Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Comments on Kerry

John Kerry has yet again put his foot in his mouth. I am sure Rove is locked in some little nook with pictures of J.F.K. part never pasted all over a wall chortling as he engages in self-gratification. That said I think this moment will be forgotten quickly. I think this is yet more evidence that stands in the way of this notion of Kerry being smart. The guy is a moron. He got worse grades sober than Bush did drunk.

All of that aside, I find this depressing. Rewind to '04, those were the choices: Bush-Kerry. How is it that knuckle-draggers become viable candidates for the most important position in the world?

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Anti-Everything said...

I am so sick of John Kerry, he really needs to get over his ego and just drop the idea of another run for president because nobody wants him to run and he would be the worst possible choice if he did decide to run.

I heard that aside from always looking for some national spot light to further inflate his ego he is actually the senator for some eastern state with funny accents...maybe he needs to just go back to that state and shut the f*ck up for a change.

Honestly he lost to one of the dumbest and most inept presidents in the history of our country, why in the hell does he think that anyone should give him a second chance to run again?