Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Why Zidane? Why?

I'm sure everyone has seen the video of Zidane's overtime headbutt that sent him off with a red card in the finals of the World Cup last Sunday.

Well now there are new theories concerning what Materazzi said to provoke him. Zidane has said that in the next few days he will reveal exactly what happened and what was said. Until then here are my favorite guesses as to what Materazzi said:

  1. "I wish an ugly death to you and all your family, Go f--- yourself."
  2. "son of a terrorist whore, so just f--- off"
  3. "a son of Harkis" (a term for collaborators in the Algerian war of independence from France)

By the way the more I looked into this the happier I am that Zidane did what he did, it may not have been a classy way for him to end his career, but Materazzi is one of the dirtiest players in the game check out this video.

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