Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Got Nukes? pt. 2

I never once stated any sort of support for the North Korean regime, Kim Jong Il (or as I like to call him Kimmy) is a terrible dictator who through his actions and his father before him have completely devastated his own people.

I say that Japan's comments are hostile because of the potential fall out of what would happen if preemptive military action was taken against North Korea, meaning that in all likelihood instead of responding with an attack against Japan, which would be made very difficult without their missile arsenal, Kimmy would most like commence with ground attacks against South Korea which would lead to the deaths of thousands.

What makes it even more hostile is that unlike the U.S. Japan has a pacifist constitution so any talk of preemptive attacks is a drastic departure from every other post World War 2 military decision. It is basically the equivalent of a Quaker suddenly getting the urge to go off and fight in Iraq, Japan’s previous history makes this much more hostile then if lets say the U.S. said they were considering such action.

Furthermore although Kimmy is considered by many to be crazy, I don’t think he is. This whole missile launch thing, in my opinion, wasn’t meant to be hostile. I think that Kimmy was just getting pissed that Iran was getting all of the attention and wanted some for himself, thus the reason he launched the missiles on the 4th of July. Basically Kimmy is just one big attention whore.

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