Friday, July 28, 2006

Week in Review: The Silence is Deafening Edition

The lazy, hazy, dog days of summer are upon us, and the Pie-Eyed Krewe is feeling the effects. Sure, it's been a slow week...but what about the content? Marginal, as usual.
  • Anti-Everything offers everyone a chance to make an "informed decision" on the AG race, while Xtra throws down his endorsement from light-years away
  • Ilya comes out of the closet as a pedant. As if we didn't know...
  • AFF comes back with a vengeance, discussing the finer points of keeping prisoners alive in order to kill them
  • The first Pie-Eyed Party consisted of three contributors, two baskets of free popcorn, some condescending laughter at those "other" people participating in a trivia game, and one-and-a-half beers shared among all
  • A Green Cowboy seeks to resolutely crush those who live on the coasts
  • Ilya, Maureen Dowd, and yet another "zing" ... weird

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