Friday, July 28, 2006

Pie-Eyed Poll: Choose Your Own Adventure

With all precinct reporting (32 votes! Wo!), the Pie-Eyed Poll results are in for the week. The question: How do you think the Israel-Lebanon conflict will play out? The results:
  • Diplomatic solution brokered with help from the US - 6%
  • Diplomatic solution brokered without help from the US - 6%
  • Continued escalation resulting in Israeli occupation - 25%
  • Continued escalation drawing Syria and/or Iran into the conflict - 22%
  • World War III - 19%
  • Israeli withdrawal; Hezbollah disarmament; multi-ethnic drum circle on the border - 22%

Personally, my vote was for Israeli occupation, which now seems unlikely, but you never know. The sleeper favorite, though, really surprised me. Obviously, many of you in the Pie-Eyed Network are optimists who enjoy drum circles.

This week, we've got a related poll. With all that's going on in the world, we want to know "What's your favorite international crisis?" Vote early; vote often, PePpers!

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