Monday, July 17, 2006

Guv's Race: The Hutchinson Effect

Just a quick follow-up to the my post below about the governor's race. The Independence Party of Minnesota (aka the Party of the Body and the Mind, Jesse Ventura; aka the Party of the Buffalo) has put ex-Democrat Peter Hutchinson in the race. While Hutchinson's (and the rest of the Independence Party's) numbers are anemic, especially compared to the heyday of Ventura and Tim Penny, they are worth mentioning. Hutchinson currently polls at around 5 percent. That 5 percent is taken primarily out of anything Hatch musters. The word around town is that if Hutchinson secures 5-7 percent of the electorate in November, Pawlenty wins. If Hutchinson's support falls below that 5 percent, Hatch wins. Buckle your seatbelts,'s going to be one heckuva fall.

(I'd also like to mention that the Green Party comes in at less than 2 percent, offering Ken Pentel, of Election 2002 fame, once again. I wouldn't mind seeing their numbers drop even further, as after this weekend I have lost considerable respect for one of their candidates, Jay Pond, who is running for the 5th Congressional seat. Pond is bar-none one of the most obnoxious human beings I've ever met. Pentel, on the other hand, is quite a decent chap.)


Anti-Everything said...

Now wishing harm to the Green Party based on one candidate seems a little out of line. I mean if we judged the Democratic Party based on the biggest prick in the bunch everyone in the country would be voting Republican.

PiedPiper said...

You're right. The St. Paul Greenies are an ok bunch. And, like I said, Pentel's a really stand-up guy. Unfortunately, though, I find some of the Greens an intolerant sort. If you want others to capitulate to your ideas, you also must be willing to capitulate and listen to others. That is something completely and utterly lost on folks like Jay Pond.

mike said...

So in other words as we've known all along Mike Hatch has no chance.