Thursday, July 13, 2006

Dost mine ears d'ceive me?

Xtra...advocating a $1 per gallon gasoline tax? Based on the temperature outside, I've clearly died and gone to hell.

All in all, X, the greenies and the progressives (and a majority of both houses in the Minnesota Legislature) agree that a gas tax is one primary answer to the problem. Why? Because it generates income that can be used for more eco-friendly transportation options, while increasing reliance by people on those alternatives. So what's lacking? Political will and no-tax Republican rhetoric. As long as political obstacles are laid in front of solid, economical, and helpful policy proposals, little is capable.

Which brings me back to one of my original thoughts on this whole subject: Ultimately, reducing the effects of global warming and preserving the environment are extra-governmental problems. A gas tax would undoubtedly prove helpful; but, if a Critical Mass of individuals and businesses alter their lifestyles and practices (and these alterations are not large - it's a matter of biking, walking, taking public transportation, and/or turning off your unnecessary lights in your home, and/or purchasing more efficient appliances, etc., etc.) that begins a wave of change. Once sustainable and environment-friendly options are seen not only as a government concern (although, obviously, it must always be), but as economic and moral concerns, then we will see interesting things happen.

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