Thursday, July 13, 2006

Critical Mass on July 28th!

I just read my friend Laila's account of her participation in last month's incident-filled Critical Mass and it sounded like a doozy. For the unlettered, and there's a fair amount of you who read this blog, Critical Mass began as a monthly massing of bikers to spread the slogan "We Are Traffic". The first recognized event took place in (where else) San Francisco circa 1992. Perhaps they were also the genesis of the early 2000's fad, The Flash Mob. But CM's, unlike FM's, have a recognized political electricity.

Nowadays, they are apparently rather sane, organic get togethers. However, June's CM in Minneapolis was marred by arrests and alleged (there's that word again!) police brutality. Since I wasn't there, I'll defer to holisticgeek's interpretation of the situation.

I'm planning on this month's CM on the 28th of July that starts at the fountain in Loring Park. Since we all have new, or relatively new, bikes, The PeP faithful should show up en masse. We can even coordinate a look if you want. See you there!

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Anonymous said...

Watch for media coverage! I am a friend of Laila's also and pitched it to the U of M school newspaper. I will be there covering it with a reporter. please be nice to us