Wednesday, June 21, 2006

O Cruel Mistress, MNSpeak

If the Twin Cities bloggerdom were a mafia family, MNSpeak would be the Don. While serving as a blog itself (although, I must admit, I have never found the conversation as enlightening as that found on the PeP Network) it's most important function is through The Aggregator, a feature that classifies and previews blog posts for 200-odd Minnesota blogs.

MNSpeak, however, has played a cat-and-mouse game with the PeP for much of its stormy history. Sometimes we've been including in The Aggregator, other times we've been left in the cold. It's as if we are courting a fickle lover, one whose heart belongs to no one, yet belongs to everyone. Admittedly, I can understand MNSpeak's neglect during the Pie-Eyed Dark Ages (circa Dec. '05 to April '06), when nary a peep was heard from the PeP. But now, as the Pie-Eyed Picayune has blossomed into a Renaissance, we receive the same treatment. Today, we are included in The Aggregator. Tomorrow, we shan't even contemplate.

Tell us, MNSpeak, what must we do to remain forever in your good graces?

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