Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Dowd Zings Fukuyama

"You'd think that incorrectly predicting history is over would get you banished from the intelligentsia forever, but Mr. Fukuyama proffered another big idea, warning that the pendulum was not making its customary swing left because "values" voters were clutching it. "There's a guy I buy my barbecue from who says, 'I think we're in a class war and my class is losing,' " he shared."

Dowd adds, "(Is this The End of Barbecue?)"



xtrachromosomeconservative said...

Ilya, I have noticed your attempt to inject Zing! into PeP parlance. My personal bits of advice for you on your quest. First, you need to make it even more obvious that the zings! are part of a series, for example, your title could have read: Zinger: Dowd Zings Fukuyama. It's all about cultivating your brand. Second, zing drop like napalm. Use the word zing in other posts and the comments, when possible hyperlink to old Zing series. Third, never hyperlink to Times Select as nobody has it.

Mandingo said...

Times Select. One more way that Ilya separates himself from the unwashed.

A Green Cowboy said...

The art of punctuation in zing:

"Third, never hyperlink to Times Select as nobody has it."

It's okay, but no zing itself.


"Third, never hyperlink to Times Select. Nobody has it. Zing!"

A Green Cowboy said...

Really, I don't know anyone who has Times Select. I have yet to encounter a headline that intrigues me enough to take the plunge.

xtrachromosomeconservative said...

I'm not trying to push the zing thing, not that I fault ill for self indulgence. I am all about self indulgence.

Ilya said...

For some reason my comment I thought I typed is not here. What I said in short was that I'll try to produce a better line of zing posts (so that Xtra can easily find them and ignore them, as I know he wishes to do, thinking that the zing theme is rather ridiculous).

As for Times Select, while the weekly offerings are not that attractive, having access to the entire paper as well as the Archive is worth the $40.

xtrachromosomeconservative said...

Ill, au contraire, I am a fan of the zing posts. Doubter at first, but a convert at last. Snippets of wit, fast food for the brilliant.