Thursday, June 22, 2006

Minneapolis ... as Mecca?

While I remain solidly loyal to St. Paul, a city I find far superior to our sister across the River, I cannot help but applaud and stand in amazement at the level of cultural and creative additions that have been made to Minneapolis in the past two years. And I am not alone.
The new Guthrie Theater is lauded as another cultural landmark putting Minneapolis on the map, in the most recent issue of Newsweek. (Click here for a kick-ass Strib special section.) Dubbing Minneapolis "The Design City," Newsweek places it at the forefront of its a list of the top locations in global culture. In addition to the new Guthrie, of course, is the Minneapolis Central Library, a new wing at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, and last year's unveiling of the Walker Art Center expansion.

Despite all this, I will remain in St. Paul, the fairer city. Yet, bravo, Minneapolis. Bravo!

(And, don't forget, the Guthrie's opening extravaganza is this Sunday...Heiruspecs and POS are playing...)

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