Thursday, May 11, 2006

News & Views: Home Stretch Edition

  • So as Stadium Bowl XV stretches into Year 11, the Minnesota House and Senate enter into conference committee and they're only about 2/5 of a light-year away from each other, which considering previous arrangement is actually fairly close. The whole thing is an exercise in ridiculousness and an unfortunate pandering to the electorate for the primary purpose of giving embattled Republican incumbents something to tell folks back home they accomplished without paying for. Hey, I'm all in favor of a new stadium...for the Twins. They're the only ones we would actually be in danger of losing at this point. Vikings aren't going anywhere quite yet; and the Gophers? Come on...
  • The DFL has some more endorsed Congressional candidates. Two sacrificial lambs (Rowley in the 2nd and Wilde in the 3rd) and (maybe) a sure bet in Ellison. I'll let Anti-Everything tell you about the fireworks in the 5th District. Yikes. In other news, all three DFL candidates for governor - Hatch, Lourey, and Kelley - are outpolling Teflon Tim. Of course, it is only May.
  • For Mandingo's sake, I hope the government isn't monitoring 1-900 calls. He'd be "outted" for sure.
  • Hey, guys, did you hear about this body plastination thing at the Science Museum where you can see everyone's innards? Oh, you did? Like a month ago? Get with it, MPR! Oh, and Katherine Kersten ets us know that the bodies are dead. Thanks, Kathy. Here I thought they were just mannequins.
  • Don't cry for me, Laura Billings.
  • City Hall Scoop catches RT Rybak courting Bill Finney. Inevitable or unsubstantiated decide.


Roscoe said...

There might have been "fireworks", but from all accounts it sure seemed like less of a battle than you've made it out to be.
I'm going off of CityPages and Strib here.

PiedPiper said...

I assume you're talking about the 5th District, no? Well, I can't speak from personal experience, but another Pie-Eyed contributor, Anti-Everything, was in attendance. The "fireworks" I referred to was the fact that presumptive frontrunner Mike Erlandson blew off the endorsement process - despite being a former DFL chair and Sabo-nator - after he lost a rules fight. Of course, "fireworks" is a relative term in the world of political party conventions. The actual nomination went smoothly. Some of the action prior to that point were a bit more intense.

Anti-Everything said...

Pipes is completely accurate when he refers to the "fireworks" of the 5th district. I was at the convention the entire day and needless to say supposed front-runner Mike Erlandson showed his true colors and true self indulged ego. It started by his campaign proposing four amendments to the rules that would have made it easier for the candidate leading after the first balloting to receive the endorsement. Needless to say these rules amendments received virtually no support form the delegates and after the first two were completely voted down his campaign withdrew the last two.

The real “fireworks” occurred during his allotted eight-minute speech to the delegates. During the speeches each candidate is suppose to allot the first 15 seconds of the speech to answering the question of “will you abide by the DFL endorsing process and support the DFL endorsed candidate?” Every candidate addressed this question, and if they started their speech before addressing it someone in the crowd would shout out “endorsement” and the candidate would apologize for forgetting the question and would respond to it.

Erlandson’s speech went differently, he started right in on his speech and never commented on the endorsement question, even when someone in the crowd yelled out something about the endorsement he completely ignored the comment and continued his speech. Needless to say that after eight minutes of ignoring the question Erlandson finally addressed the question by answering “I will see you in September” alluding to the September 12th primary and that he will not be abiding by the DFL endorsement process. Needless to say this did not make the delegates, who were there to endorse a candidate very happy, and Erlandson was booed from the stage.

The other interesting part was after his speech when he was outside of the convention speaking to a crowd of his supporters and explaining to them why he had chosen not to abide by the endorsement process, which was a surprise to his supporters because prior to his speech he had told them all that he would abide by the endorsement.

Basically is just demonstrates how Erlandson, former DFL chair, cares more about power and his own ego then he cares about what is best for his party.