Saturday, May 27, 2006

Club Donkeyass Part III...or Mandingo as 'The Runaway Groom'

Three pie-eyed cheers to Mandingo and his lovely Queenie who tied the knot last eve in a beautiful ceremony at none other than the University of St. Thomas chapel. For those who weren't there, Mandingo rode into the church on a gallant steed, wearing the finest chain mail of the 14th century. He and his beloved were then tied at the wrists with twine, while showered with garlic cloves to ward off witches and hobgoblins. After a rousing sacrificial offering to the Norse gods, we became merry with ale and other intoxicating spirits. Mandingo and his lady then mounted their fine horse and rode into the sunset to begin their magical quest of lifelong happiness.




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Ilya said...

And the couple, while they hid from well-armed cavalry, had their picture taken behind a beautiful old tree encircled by a bench (see picture).