Tuesday, May 23, 2006

UST Can’t Even Do Graduation Without Making The Front Page

As some of you may or may not know, last Saturday was commencement weekend at the University of St. Thomas. Which usually means plenty of boring speeches and of course the always enjoyable task of sitting through every single name being called off, but the typical boring graduation ceremony would have been a godsend for UST compared to what occurred instead.

Some of you may have noticed front page stories in both the Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press concerning remarks made by UST’s 2006 Tommie of the Year Award winner at the undergraduate ceremony. Or maybe you saw it on KARE 11, WCCO, or KSTP.

Father Dease, president of UST, offered a statement late yesterday concerning the speech and Ben Kessler the graduate who gave the speech has offered a statement of apology which was included with Dease's statement. But even with his apology there is still a petition movement to strip Kessler of his Tommie Award.

Here is a link to video of the speech where at graduation he called certain faculty members selfish as well as calling everyone who uses birth control selfish. Make sure you pay close attenting to the faculty getting up and leaving, as well as the graduates who are walking out of their own graduation.

After everything that has happened this semester you think the leadership at UST would have done everything possible to keep graduation of all days, as non-eventful as possible, I guess not.
  • Here is another perspective on UST's commencement ceremony from the point of view of a graduate’s family.


Leab said...

They wanted the year to end with issues. There's no such thing as bad publicity...right?
Look, when I got my Master's from there, I remember two things:
1. The poster of Dease pimping St. Thomas water (that was a lark).
2. I remember actually meeting Dease and having a short discussion with him. At the end, when I explained I would be teaching high school, he said to me, "Make sure your students know that a clothing catalogue was shot in the quad. They need to know that."
Then again, I can't really say anything. At my exit interview I made my interviewer cry because of what I said.
Go Tommies....Yup.

Mandingo said...

That's some crack reporting, Anti. You've redeemed yourself fully from the earlier "incident".

Ilya said...

Anti, godsend is one word, not capitalized.

Der Staubsauger said...

Wow. That was some speech. I'm just happy that Mr. Kessler isn't planning on pro-creating. Give it a generation or two and then ... problem solved.

Anti-Everything said...

Well thank you Mandingo you have no idea how much it pleases me that this has lived up to your expectations.