Friday, April 14, 2006

News & Views

  • Will they rename Ford Parkway now that St. Paul's Ford Ranger plant is biting the dust? Don't know. But that's the least of our concerns, as Minnesota's capitol city will lose almost 2,000 jobs. Jobs that happen to be in manufacturing. Paging Lou Dobbs... (Sidenote: Anyone want to wager on the redevelopment plans? Keep in mind, you may not want to drink the water.)
  • Minneapolis City Council finally showed some good sense and actually approved green space downtown, taking the generosity of gazillionaire Bill McGuire and turning the land next to the new Guthrie into a city park. While this effort pales next to the egalitarian wonders of St. Paul's two (and perhaps soon-to-be three downtown parks) it's welcome relief.
  • ESCAPED SEX OFFENDER! Cindy Brucato at Channel 5 couldn't be more excited (especially now that the Uptown murder isn't "breaking" news).
  • MPR wants to know: "Will gay marriage ban harm Minnesota's 'creative class'?" Short answer: Indecipherable. Long answer: Why the hell are we still talking about the "creative class" as if its a real thing?
  • In a (mostly) unrelated story, the Republicans of the 6th Congressional District are in a pissing contest to determine who hates gays and taxes the most, as well as who loves God, guns, and babies the most. It's a toss-up, folks.


Mandingo said...

Boy, oh boy. You came back in fine style Pied. You sure dids.

Joe Lencioni said...

Regarding the escaped sex offender. I live in St. Peter where the treatment facility is. I was enjoying a Boulevard Stout at Patrick's on Saturday night with my friend, Rob, when four sex offenders escaped and were on the loose.

It was quite exciting because a couple were spotted by a bouncer there and she called it in. Then the cops were everywhere and some guys in yellow shirts were running around with what at first looked like golf clubs but later looked like cattle prods. Everybody outside was pointing and cheering whenever a van or a cop car squeeled to a stop or skidded around a corner. The excitement lasted for about 20 minutes until they asked us to all go inside.

BTW, your escaped sex offender link is wrong. Here you go for ESCAPED SEX OFFENDER!

PiedPiper said...

Thanks for the link, Joe. By the way, how is that Boulevard Stout?

Joe Lencioni said...

It was my first time trying it and the Boulevard Stout is pretty good. I thought it was a little like Guinness with just a hint of fruitiness. It's worth a try if you are into darker beers. However, one of my favorites is the Stillwater Stout at the Rock Bottom Brewery. I think it is a seasonal thing, but if you have the chance to try it, you should.

PiedPiper said...

When you're talking stout, I gotta go with the Summit Oatmeal Stout every time. Or the Green Mill Swamp Buck Stout, which is only available at the Hamline/Grand location occassionally. I'll check out the Boulevard if I get a chance, though