Monday, April 24, 2006

News & Views: The Long Slog Edition

Well, folks, final exams are coming up and I'm hoping to keep my head above water just long enough to expound on the Constitution for the next two weeks. Despite those responsibilities, it behooves me to offer a weekly look at what's in the news. (Although, perhaps my Strib links ought to be discredited.)
  • The safest Democratic seat in the nation, Minnesota's own 5th Congressional District, held a debate between all the neophytes, nobodies, and nincompoops vying to replace the venerable Martin 'Olav' Sabo. MPR's political blog, Polinaut, has the audio.
  • PiPress is reporting that University Avenue is today's equivalent of the Oklahoma Land Rush of 1889. Used car dealers and strip mall owners wanna cash-in on increasing property values, while gentrifying urban yippies salivate at the prospects of a light-rail stop just blocks from the Turf Club and Big V's (not to mention TREND Bar). City Hall Scoop takes a look at some of the criterion St. Paul is requiring for new development.
  • It's Stadium Mania XV! With Dr. No (aka House Taxes Committee Chair Phil Krinkie, R-Lino Lake) presiding over the end-around on a Hennepin County referendum (see who gave the yeas and nays here), it's looking like Gopher football may find an on-campus home. Will the Vikings get the trifecta? And isn't amazing how quickly Republicans turn their votes around in an anti-incumbent election year?
  • I was at the DFL shoot-out going on for the Ramsey County Attorney endorsement, where up-and-comer Cory Tennison attempted to dethrone 3-time incumbent Susan Gaertner. Both camps remained entrenched after five ballots, with Tennison leading in each one. Unfortunately, Tennison decided to fold, surrendering the election to a woman who is by definition a DINO (Democrat in name only).
  • In yesterday's PiPress, the front page article focused on the Grups, "hip" middle-aged folks who obsess about staying young and "cool." I don't think I know any current Grups, but I do know a future one, and his name is Mandingo. He'll be carting his kids to Pantera concerts while they're still in diapers.
  • Is Minnesota's Democratic senator Mark Dayton one of the worst? Only if we all agree Norm Coleman is one of the slimiest.
  • Get a job, Junior!

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